Handmade Pottery

Handmade Stoneware

Handmade Stoneware

Mountain Arts Pottery began as a small backyard enterprise started by David and Jennie Lockie in Bozeman, Montana. In the 1970’s, the Lockies had owned a successful business in the excavation industry, but in 1979 the industry collapsed when interest rates soared to over 20%. David decided to sell the equipment to pay off the indebtedness. It took fifteen years, but by the…

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Handmade Pottery for Sale Online

Handmade Pottery for Sale Online

This is a guest post by one of my students, Joel Cherrico. Joel signed up for my course without knowing anything about websites or online stores. Quite frankly, I’m absolutely amazed at what he’s been able to accomplish so far without any technical knowledge. Here’s his story about how he created an online store selling his own . Steve replied to my email within a day, and…

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Workaday Handmade

Workaday Handmade

Shop Blog – Tagged workaday handmade – ROCKY+LUELLA

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Handmade Pottery for Sale

Handmade Pottery for Sale

At Providence Center, we are dedicated to providing adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to learn, grow, and better establish themselves within our community. Many of our artistically-inclined individuals find that personal growth in pottery. Through our pottery program, we can simultaneously stimulate personal growth and development, build…

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