Ceramic Art Techniques

Ceramic Art Techniques

Ceramic Arts Daily is a free online resource and newsletter written and produced for the benefit of potters and ceramic artists worldwide. The newsletter features both renowned and emerging artists, their work, techniques and artistic perspectives. Regular features include tips and techniques designed to help every artist expand their skill set and widen their artistic horizons…

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Slab Pottery Artists

Slab Pottery Artists

Arthur Boyd and Bundanon. The land at Bundanon along the Shoalhaven River was given as a free land grant in 1837 to R Browne. He soon sold the land on to Kenneth McKenzie. He built a timber-framed house here and finally in 1866 he had a fine two-storey Georgian style residence erected. That is the grand homestead of Bundanon today. McKenzie was also a doctor and a magistrate…

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Making Ceramic Art

Making Ceramic Art

Anderson Bailey If I could offer advice to anyone pursuing studio ceramics as a career, I would say two things: First, work for other people. If possible, quit your other jobs and just work for artists. This will give you invaluable access to tools, space, mentorship, and will keep your hands learning. I would not be doing what I am doing today if not for the people I worked…

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Ceramic Art Techniques
Ceramic Art Techniques
Ceramic Arts Daily is a free online resource…
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