Pottery mugs, Mug cup and

Pottery Mugs Handmade

The mugs look great and so soon!! Thank you so much. Just in time for the last Saturday before Christmas. Very important time for retail. Neenah, WI

December 15
I just opened my box of new coasters and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. I was super excited to see the new packaging too! It is a great Made In America promo and the little peg hole is a winner. You guys are the best. Thanks for everything. Jo, Lexington, OH

December 14
We received the mugs in the other day and they look great. Brad, Pittsburgh, PA

December 12
Ordering process was pretty self explanatory but I wanted to make sure I was doing my customized order correctly so I called the 800# and talked with Shelly. She was very helpful and understood all my questions. She assured me that ordering was as easy as it seemed and that is pretty much all I was looking for. Can't wait to have this handmade WI product as a gift for some great friends that absolutely loved the mugs seen in a gift shop. Jodi, Wausau, WI

December 8
The mugs look great!! We love them. Thanks so much. Andrea, Delafield, WI

November 29
We just had our annual Thanksgiving dinner at Midland with approximately 525 guests joining us and the mugs were definitely a hit. The Root Beer Float mug we ordered was the most popular and sold out very quickly. I was happy to hear how excited people were to see a new mug! They were in awe at how much the logo stood out so clearly on them. Cierra, Los Olivos, CA

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