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Family and friends are gathered around the table, your best dinnerware is set out and the aroma of your favorite foods drift out from the kitchen and fill the whole house. Everyone excitedly comes to the table when you announce that dinner is ready and you bring out platters and bowls filled with everyone’s favorite foods. At Pottery Barn, we have a selection of serving bowls in stoneware, porcelain, ceramic, glass, acrylic, melamine, wood and metal that are beautiful enough to bring out for holidays and special events, and that give any meal that special extra touch that turns it into a feast.

Our stoneware dishes for serving offer you the versatility of presenting hot or cold dishes, and they can move from the oven to the table and to the refrigerator or freezer when dinner is over – and then back in the microwave the next day for delectable leftovers. Fill a tureen with savory soup or creamy gravy. Heap a small mountain of mashed potatoes into a heavy dish that helps hold the heat. Fill deep-sided dishes with chips or a colorful, vitamin-rich salad. Stoneware is also dishwasher safe, so cleanup after the meal is finished is a breeze. Choose stoneware serving containers that match your plates, your home’s decor or a holiday theme, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukah.

Add the delicate beauty of porcelain, fine ceramics or glass bowls to your dinner table, and enhance the ambience with choices from our fine selections of tablecloths, placements, napkins and place card holders. Our dishes are durable enough to last for years, easy to care for and they still provide a subtle and elegant touch of grace to your meal. Fill your serving bowls with vegetables in creamy sauces, light and fluffy stuffing or sweet, colorful desserts. The bowls catch the light and practically create an exhibit that puts your best culinary creations on display.

Our selection of acrylic and melamine serveware lets you choose pieces that are beautiful enough for an important banquet yet durable enough to use outdoors. Acrylic and melamine serving vessels can be paired with matching plates and bowls from our dinnerware collection, or you can create your own serving style by choosing serving utensils that complete the look you want for your table. You can fill these dishes with the same savory hot or cold foods you would put in any other serving dishes, and, if the dishes happen to fall or slip from someone’s hands during the meal, they are designed to withstand the impact.

Add a natural touch to your table, banquet serving area or your countertop with sturdy wooden bowls from our collection of serveware pieces. Set out plenty of chips and condiments for easy snacking or supply a large, copper lined bowl of fresh fruit to encourage healthy snacking. These bowls wipe clean with a damp cloth and can be used to enhance the decor of a primitive-style room or as conversation pieces. To create a themed table with our wooden pieces, match wooden serving bowls to our trays and stands or one of our sets of cheese boards and knives.

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