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Q: Are the glazes certified lead-free?

Q: Do you make the mugs from non-toxic clay?

Yes. The clay that is used to make your mugs is certified 100% non-toxic, and is made from raw materials from the USA. The clay manufacturer, Clay Art Center in Tacoma, Washington states the following on the MSDS for the clay used to make your mugs: "This product (and all of its components) is in compliance with the U.S. EPA 15 U.S. C.2604 regulation. This product is certified as NON-TOXIC, and conforms to ASTMD-4236 and C-1023 under the federal Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials Act (LHAMA)."

Q: Where are all the personalized mugs? You used to have a lot of different ones to choose from and now they are gone!

In July 2012, Mug Revolution introduced the Mug Builder. This unique way of ordering mugs gives you many options to customize a mug. In the Mug Builder, you can choose a thumb rest, logo, and add personalization - mix and match depending on your preferences.

Q: What side of the mug should I choose for a personalized or logo mug?

Most people choose to have the name or logo (or in some cases name and logo) facing away from them as they sip from the mug using their predominant hand. On some mugs you really should follow this, as the name and logo and/or pawprint come up very close to the rim of the mug and make drinking difficult if not impossible without drippling. For right handed folks, choosing the right side of the handle places the name/logo on the opposite side of the mug as they are taking a drink. I also think that in the case of a corporate logo mug, you get more advertising for your business if others can see the logo as the mug owner takes a drink. However, it is entirely up to you!

Q: You used to have a lot more Mainstay Logo Mugs. Where the heck did they go?

Most of the Mainstay Logo Mugs have migrated to the Mug Builder. As a one person company, I have found it increasingly difficult to keep mugs in stock. With the introduction of the Mug Builder, I've chosen to focus on just a few of the Mainstay Mugs to try to keep in stock, with the rest of the logos being available as a custom order using the Mug Builder.

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