Pinch Pot

Bennington Potters North

Bennington Potters North

Downtown Bennington has much to offer in the way of shops and services. We have put together a small tour which will take you through part of downtown, and to some side streets with a wealth of information and history. From Route 7 head west on Main St. until you come to Benmont Ave The church is on…
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Making pinch pots

Making pinch pots

1) Form two equal sized balls of clay, approximately 1/2 pound each. 2) Hold ball in left hand and push right thumb into the middle of the ball leaving about 1/4 - 1/2 thickness at the bottom. 3) Slowly and evenly pinch the clay, starting at the bottom rotating the ball, moving toward the top edge. Leave about 1/4 thickness at edge. 4) Once both pinch pots have been created…

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Pinch pots

Pinch pots

In this pumpkin and ghost workshop you will use various clay hand building techniques to craft a fun seasonal piece of pottery. Everyone will also be given a tealight for their piece! This class is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the basics working with clay. This is a fun 90 minute long class of guided instructions to help you create your Halloween decorations…

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