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When selecting dinnerware, think about how you will be using it. For everyday dining and casual entertaining, earthenware and stoneware are practical and decorative choices. Tableware made from porcelain offers greater durability and a more refined look. Compare the properties of each before deciding…


Attractive and affordable, earthenware is a common ceramic material used in pottery that has been fired to make it hard. Water tight when glazed, this decorative dinnerware is more porous than stoneware, but less durable and strong. Artists like earthenware because it is easy to work with and less expensive. Shop all Earthenware Dinnerware


Stoneware is also a very affordable ceramic. It is more durable than earthenware because it is less porous and is made harder by added or naturally occurring vitreous elements. It is more opaque than porcelain, and its dense body resists scratching better than earthenware. Shop all Stoneware Dinnerware


Sometimes referred to as china, porcelain is crafted from ceramic materials and fired at a very high temperature resulting in a product with superb strength, durability, and a translucent “shell like” quality. Porcelain is a popular, high-end dinnerware option as it offers a superior white body that is resistant to thermal shock and has excellent insulator properties. Shop all Porcelain Dinnerware

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