Umiwe Chinese Style Handmade

Handmade porcelain

A quick glance at this dinnerware from the corner of your eye might not arouse any suspicion: white porcelain, glossy, the standard fare. But if you get a little closer, you’ll see that the edges are imperfect—recalling the pages of a book that were waterlogged at one point—and the surface texture is like linen, with tiny cross-hatched lines weaving across areas of gloss. To round out the look, the bottom of the plates are unfinished so they won't slide around on a table. We love these plates and use these interspersed with other white dinnerware for a casual look whenever we're hosting in the office.

Choose from a 3-piece set that includes a dinner plate, a shallow bowl, and a salad plate, or buy each of those pieces in a set of 4. If you love to entertain, a matching platter is available to complete the tablescape.

  • Made in: Montreal, Québec
  • Made of: Porcelain
  • Size: Dinner plate is 11.75” diameter; salad plate is 8” diameter; shallow bowl is 6.25” diameter; platter is 14.5” diameter (precise shape varies slightly, as each piece is handmade)
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