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Pinching Teapots for Beginners E-course

Design the teapot Monday - Pinching all the elements of a teapot
Elements of a teapot (Video 1)
  • Introduction to the pinching online workshop.
  • Take a quick flight through the history of teapots that started during the Yuan Dynasty.
  • Explore the teapot development - handbuilding and wheel thrown.
  • Elements that defines a teapot.
  • Teapot: the gateway to understand clay processes?

Pinching a teapot
  • Basic pinching techniques.
  • How to measure clay thickness.
  • Learn how to do pinching-in.
  • Tools to use for scraping and smearing clay.
  • How to get eyeballs on your fingertips.
  • How to start pinching the body of the teapot.
  • During this online workshop we will manipulate the form by pinching all the elements of a teapot – the body, the lid, the spout and the handle.
  • The aim of this class is to guide you to understand the teapot making process.
  • Pinching techniques. Pinching is one of the oldest if not the oldest known clay techniques. It has always been a good place to start a first experience with clay, but for sure not a beginner’s technique. It is often mistaken to be the easiest technique in clay, because it is a logical place for potential potters to start working with it.Hand built teapot pinched by Antoinette The true fact though is that it takes a good bit of practice and skill to create even walls and to make a real piece of art from that small ball of clay (See my blog:PINCH POTS: IS IT BEGINNERS POTS OR A GOOD PLACE TO BEGIN?)
  • There are many different kinds of pottery clay available on the market, each with its own characteristics. To pinch clay is to get acquainted with clay and to understand the behavior thereof.

Trimming pinched teapot by Antoinette Tuesday - Trimming a pinch pot
  • In this internet class we will teach you how to trim the different parts of a teapot.
  • Which tools work the best when trimming the teapot.
  • How to make your teapot look professional.
  • Beginners may easily loose interest in pinching clay (or some will completely loose interest in clay), because they feel that what they want to make and what they achieve during those early attempts is not successful. The phrase “I am not good at it” is often heard.Antoinette shows decorating techniques for pinched teapots The reason why this happens has nothing to do with the beginners’ inability to achieve success with clay, but rather a of lack of instruction. Few pottery instructors go beyond the making process to teach the finishing process.
Prepare for assembling the teapot Wednesday - Assemble all the elements
  • When all the parts are trimmed and ready, we will assemble the teapot.
  • We will explain how body, lid, spout and handle works together to obtain a well balanced teapot.
Teapot decorating by Antoinette Thursday - Decorating, glazing and firing
  • Decorating with commercial underglazes.
  • Brush on glazing with commercial glazes.
  • Firing techniques for earthenware.
  • We will discuss how glazing and firing for earthenware differ from stoneware and porcelain.
Wheel thrown porcelain teapot by Antoinette Monday - Review
  • Review the teapot process.

wheel thrown porcelain teapot e-course by Antoinette BadenhorstTuesday - Questions and answers

  • Students will receive a PDF document with all the Questions and Answers for the week.

All the videos for this e-course will be available for three weeks. Students will have direct interaction with Antoinette and as instructor she will answer all question as it will be during a hands-on workshop.

The art of teapots

A porcelain teapot that pours without spilling Beginners are often intimidated by the making of teapots. This happens when they are exposed to pottery techniques, but did not get a chance to execute the knowledge they have gained.

Learning to make and understand teapots will crack understanding of the ceramic process wide open and stimulate the creative process, important elements to gain confidence to explore and build a career as a potter.

To make a teapot that pours a strong hot stream of tea into a cup without spilling is a dream for many potters. Tea drinkers do not appreciate it when a lid drops down while pouring the tea or if hot tea spatters in all directions.

There is something special about teapots and that may be the reason why there are so many dedicated teapot collectors. It is probably the most challenging object for many potters but at the same time also the object that carries the most visual language.

During this online class, we will examine different techniques to help us make good functional teapots and will guide students into the mysterious world of teapot collections.

pinching teapot e-course by Antoinette Badenhorst Porcelain dinnerware online workshop

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