Slab construction Ceramics

Bisque - Clay that has been heated to over 1800 degrees F. in a kiln. Firing transforms the grey fragile greenware into strong durable ceramic ware suitable for decorating.

Coil Construction - A construction technique in which clay "snakes" are used to build ware.

Glazing - Applying liquid glazes to the ceramic pieces. Glazes are made from finely ground glass suspended in a liquid. In the presence of heat, the glaze becomes a glassy coating which fuses to the surface.

Glaze Firing - Firing done after glaze has been applied to bisque or (occasionally) greenware to produce a glass-like surface.

Greenware - Raw, dry, unfired clay. Characterized by being very fragile.

Pinch Construction - A construction technique in which the clay is pinched and manipulated with the fingers into the desired shape.

Scoring - To join two pieces of clay, it is usually necessary to prepare the surfaces of each piece to create a strong bond where they meet. Generally this is done by making regular incisions with a pointed or serrated tool, a needle or fork across the joining area.

Sgraffito - A decorative technique in which a design is scratched through one or more layers of slip, stain or underglaze, producing patterns from contrast between the underglaze and white clay.

Slab Construction - A construction technique in which clay is rolled into thin sheets and manipulated into shapes.

Slip - Suspension of clay in water, used as a "glue" or for decorating.

Wedging - The process by which air pockets are forced out of the clay and the clay is mixed. It involves a kneading motion combined with a rotation.

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