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Clay Projects for Kids -Wind Chimes

Kids Clay Craft Ideas

In the summer we love being outside making things with clay!

The problem my kids have, after making their first few coil pots or pinch pots, is knowing what to make next. There are only so many brown shapeless lumps you can cope with!

I have been scouring books and the internet for kids clay crafts. I hope these ideas inspire you and help your homeschool clay craft sessions become a fun and creative time.

My children like all types of clay - air drying, firing, sclulpey, fimo - even clay we have made ourselves (see how to make clay). These projects are flexible enough to try with lots of types of clay. Who knows, you might even end up trying to fire your own clay at home!

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Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are easy to make from flat shapes cut from cookie cutters - leaves look very effective. Roll out the clay and then cut several shapes to hang together. Don't forget to make holes in each chime so you can hang them when the clay has dried or been fired. You need something to hand the chimes from. Either use a piece of clay with holes poked into it, or try a tree branch. When hanging the chimes from the holder, hang them quite close together so that they hit each other in the wind.

Clay Projects for Kids - AlienBowls

Bowls are easy to make using pinch pot or coil methods. If you want to use the bowl for food-use, then do make sure your clay or paints/glaze are food-safe. To make a shaped bowl like the Maple Leaf Bowl, roll out a thin layer of clay. Use a paper pattern (or a real leaf) as a guide to cut out a shape. If the clay is to be kiln-fired the paper/leaf can be left in place (it will burn away), but otherwise should be removed. Place the cut-out shape inside a large bowl (or upside down over a bowl or ball) to give it a bowl shape and remove when leather hard.

This technique works great for other simple shapes too. Check out children's coloring pages for simple outlines to use - why not try fish, houses or car shapes for your bowl?

Clay Projects for Kids - Tiles Clay Projects for Kids - pendants

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