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Ideas for Wall Moments

To create the grid, start by placing the center frame,
then place the four larger frames, followed by the rest.

Even though it's one of the easiest frame displays to do,
the impact of this grid layout is great. Simply make sure
you have an even amount of space between each frame.

This frame display aligns at the outer edges, creating balance —
even though the distance between frames varies.

Scatter various-sized frames in an arrangement-but
ensure to align the bottoms and tops to create order.

Start by placing the center frame, then spiral out the other
frames. Make sure there is an even amount of space between
all of the other frames and the center frame.

Center the two frames in the middle, then align the left and
right sides with one another to create this balanced display.

Turn personal photos of people, places and memories into art in
just minutes. Choose from a wide range of canvas sizes to suit any
room in your home. You'll have the quality of a custom shop

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