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If you’re a caffeine devotee who can’t do anything else in the kitchen until morning coffee is on the menu, that first cup of coffee or tea is a true thing of beauty. With Pottery Barn’s generous selection of coffee mugs and teacups, you can enhance the existing splendor of your favorite brew with a practical, decorative vessel. From charming seasonal mugs to sturdy, amply sized options for daily use, this collection allows you to gild the lily and make something you already love even better. You don’t need to be a caffeine addict to enjoy the style and practicality of our coffee mugs and teacups, either. They’re perfect for everything from comforting herbal tea brews to a decadent cup of homemade hot chocolate.

Having a nice selection of matching coffee mugs and teacups is a great idea if you entertain frequently. Serving a freshly brewed pot of coffee with elegant mugs presents one of those subtle but impactful opportunities for you to make your guests feel welcome in your home. We have serving trays and other useful accessories, including saucer or appetizer plates that you can use to serve up small tasty treats like biscotti, cookies, muffins or finger sandwiches to accompany your coffee or tea service for friends, family and other guests who visit your home.

Picking up a serving tray to go with your coffee mugs and teacups opens up a world of different entertaining possibilities, even if the person you’re catering to is yourself or your significant other. A relaxing weekend breakfast in bed or on the porch can be made all the more enjoyable with the presence of a hot beverage in a large, beautiful vessel. Coffee mugs and teacups allow you to inject some variety into your collection of dishes, too; if you see more than one option that you like, you can feel free to mix and match for a charmingly eclectic selection of mugs.

If this kind of variety appeals to you, check out our rotating selection of seasonal offerings for holidays like Halloween and Christmas. These collections provide great options for gifts, too, particularly for small holiday gifts for people like coworkers and teachers at your local school. Our non-seasonal coffee mug and teacup selection also offers plenty of great options for gifts, including teapots and other accessories that make the perfect accompaniment to a mug or cup and perhaps some small add-ons such as a bag of specialty coffee or tea.

Beverage serving should always be part of your hospitality approach when you welcome guests to your home, even if they are close friends with whom you no longer stand on ceremony. Offering coffee, tea or a cold beverage can help your guest feel more relaxed, welcome and comfortable, and you can enhance that comfort by presenting the drink in a nice cup. If you’re serving coffee or tea, it never hurts to ask your guest how they like their drink presented. Some guests like their tea very hot, for example, while others may prefer it at a more tepid temperature.

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