Ceramics Austin Tx

Ceramics Austin

Between Form and Function
John Vela
Designed for new students interested in experiencing different ways to work with clay. Also appropriate for experienced clay artist. Explore centering, pulling and shaping clay on the potter's wheel or try different hand building techniques such as slab, pinch or coil. Glazing and basic surface design will be taught to complete your work. Learn clay forming processes, development of artistic expression through clay, proper glazing and decorating techniques.

Beginners & Beyond:
Melissa Mencini
Explore different hand building techniques such as slab, pinch and coil or take a spin at the potter’s wheel centering, pulling and shaping your clay. Instructor will also look at nonfunctional and figurative forms as well as surface techniques. Increase your knowledge of contemporary ceramics and think more creatively while working with clay. Group discussion will help round out the class.

Clay Razzle: Surface Techniques
Linda Genet
Want to make a teapot? How about creating your favorite coffee mug? Try both hand building and beginning wheel throwing while learning to make items for your home, garden, friends and family. Learn brush techniques, surface embellishment, stamping, sgraffito, forming clay doodles and working with organic shapes.

Clay Adventures: Handbuilding & Beginning Wheel Throwing
Linda Genet
Try your hand at either hand building or beginning wheel throwing (or both!). Seek alternative and inventive clay-making techniques with projects that include: teapots, found and handmade tools, stencils and resists, hinges and moving parts, glaze-sgraffito and creative brush design. Students with prior wheel experience are encouraged to combine hand building with thrown components for complex project results.

Clay Basics
Judith Simonds
Explore both wheel and hand-building techniques perfect for sculptural and small figurative work. Students will also learn how to imprint and carve textures onto the clay, practice surface carving, and will be introduced to a variety of glazing techniques. The Suggestions for projects will be provided, but students are encouraged to bring their own ideas to class.

Classic Clay: Hand Building
Jennifer Hill
Try a sampling of hand building techniques. Students will learn several skills to create a variety of useable forms: A centerpiece vase for a spring arrangement; stack-able sushi trays; luminaries to light up the room. Explore building with slabs, alternative coils, and more! Experienced throwers can even learn how to incorporate wheel with hand built work.

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