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- A Center of Human Centered Innovation and Experience Design

“Discovering compelling breakthroughs for grand challenges in Indian society”

We see India as a rich, heterogeneous, emerging, and fertile ground for real-world innovation. Srishti Labs embraces “India as a Lab” for exploring design-led, radically innovative, and empathetic solutions, for highly complex, real-world problems.

Srishti Labs’ outputs are oriented towards industry, NGOs, and policy makers. We work across sectors such as healthcare, finance, education, employment and democracy.

Vision & Mission

Managed by industry professionals, Srishti Labs is a center for innovation & experience design at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology. Conceived in 2009 as a hybrid, bridge organization that blends the disciplined expertise of industry professionals with the creative energy of experience design (XD) & innovation trained students. Srishti Labs advances design education in innovation, user experience and interaction design to develop a work force that can make critical contributions to successful innovation.

We are driven by our long-term vision of creating and sustaining an environment where learners develop a self-driven ability to envision, explore, craft and express innovative solutions that are desirable, feasible, responsible and sustainable.

Through a multi-disciplinary creativity approach that combines art & design thinking, our mission is:

  • to explore solutions for big challenges in Indian society,
  • provide a platform to nurture collaborative approach for innovation& vision of the future
  • to provide our clients a creative playground to develop out-of-the-box ideas that have business relevance.


Srishti Labs works closely with the resources of its parent institution, faculty, staff and students. It works on strategic projects with:

  • Private partners in development
  • Government partners
  • Global design & research institutions
  • Non-governmental organizations

Through its projects for industry clients, Srishti Labs has been able to deliver interesting, new and actionable insights as well as many patentable vision concepts both for near, future and distant future visioning.

Being Mobile: A research framework

People do not live in vertical silos, but move across different aspects of life seamlessly. As an overall theme for design research and innovation at Srishti Labs, we are interested in looking at contemporary Indian life; the ways people encounter, engage and solve everyday problems.

Srishti Labs is interested in, but not limited to, the following two research questions:

  1. What are the ways, through which contemporary Indians encounter, engage and solve everyday problems in transition?
  2. How to embrace and leverage these ways of transitions in envisioning and conceptualizing novel innovative solutions that become an integral part of the everyday fabric?

We want to answer these questions based on our vision of future societies, using our multi-disciplinary creative approach and feed forward methodology. Srishti Labs is working on understanding and innovating for two complex problems facing the Indian society, which are ‘Smart Communities for Enhanced Living’ and ‘Enhancing Out-of-clinic Healthcare’.

Smart Communities for Enhanced Living

A smart community is that which embraces new means of working and living by adopting innovative and sustainable ways of communication, knowledge access & sharing, and technology adoption. We believe that “Knowledge” will play a key role in enabling smart communities. “Knowledge” can positively impact lives of “citizens” by empowering them to make informed decisions and take actions related to safety, economic growth, healthcare, education, communication and sustainability.

At Srishti Labs we are working with the auto driver community, NGO’s and technology partners on a community driven solution that will use strength of the social structure, be self-regulatory, and operate in a community driven business model that will empower the auto drivers socioeconomically. This, we believe will make this much needed mode of transport viable, secure and sustainable, enhancing the lives of our future urban communities.

Community concept for Autorickshaw Drivers

Enhancing Out-of-clinic Healthcare

In this multi-year project we explore how to design innovative and appropriate digital technology enabled services that support people to integrate aspects of medical care as part of their everyday life beyond the boundaries of the clinic. We are studying the heterogeneous ways of through which people access care and perform care activities beyond the clinic, and embrace them as inspiration to design appropriate digital technological services. We focus on the areas of Physical rehabilitation, Geriatric Care, and Mother and Childcare.

Posture patch wearbale concept.

Remirror: Presenting the UX Blue Print

Research, Collaboration & Funding

Through our projects with the Healthcare sector, we are working with multiple local and global academic, technological and domain expert partners, such as:

  • Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber Physical Systems, IISc, Bangalore
  • Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE)
  • Nightingales Medical Trust, Bangalore
  • IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Noora Health

While we have been working towards attracting funding from Gates Foundation, BIRAC, and industry such as Phillips and GE, we have secured a small grant from the Government of Denmark to develop a research-industry consortium along with IT University of Copenhagen, and Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE).

Industry Collaborations- Innovation and Experience Design Studios

Since its inception S.Labs has been exploring innovation in products & services related to contemporary Indian lives. Srishti Labs offers design and innovation studios for its clients and partners. These studios focus on a creative and innovative strategic design process around the client's design brief, whether it be early user field ethnography, new product/service creation, business model innovation, specific design challenges such as interaction, retail, packaging, visual communication or concept evaluation. The projects are lead, managed, and delivered by our professional staff of innovation consultants and principle designers.

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