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Ceramic bowls design ideas

Because pottery is weighty and fragile, it requires extra packaging (bubble wrap, filler material) to adequately protect it during transit. As a result, shipping costs are significantly higher than for other, less fragile, items.

I use USPS - Standard Post. Please convo me if you would like me to use a different or faster service. I currently do not ship internationally, as typically the cost of shipping heavy pottery is very high, making a purchase unattractive to most customers. I will be happy to quote shipping on an item to your location if you would like to send me a request through Etsy Convo.

I often recycle boxes and packaging material, so if your purchase is for a gift and you would like a nicer, unused box, please let me know. [Note that mine is a nonsmoking household.]

Also, if your item is a gift, and you do not want an invoice enclosed in the package, as I normally do, let me know. I will also enclose a gift card from you upon request.

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