Building Methods

Building methods

Building Construction: Means & Methods[edit]

Building construction is the process of adding structure to real property. The vast majority of building construction projects are small renovations, such as addition of a room, or renovation of a bathroom. Often, the owner of the property acts as laborer, paymaster, and design team for the entire project. However, all building construction projects include some elements in common - design, financial, and legal considerations. Many projects of varying sizes reach undesirable end results, such as structure collapse, cost overruns, and/or litigation reason, those with experience in the field make detailed plans and maintain careful oversight during the project to ensure a positive outcome.

Building construction is procured privately or publicly utilizing various delivery methodologies, including hard bid, negotiated price, traditional, management contracting, construction management-at-risk, design & build and design-build bridging.

Residential construction practices, technologies, and resources must conform to local building authority regulations and codes of practice. Materials readily available in the area generally dictate the construction materials used (e.g. brick versus stone, versus timber). Cost of construction on a per square metre (or per square foot) basis for houses can vary dramatically based on site conditions, local regulations, economies of scale (custom designed homes are always more expensive to build) and the availability of skilled tradespeople. As residential (as well as all other types of construction and manufactured homes) can generate a lot of waste, careful planning again is needed here.

The most popular method of residential construction in the United States is wood framed construction. As efficiency codes have come into effect in recent years, new construction technologies and methods have emerged. University Construction Management departments are on the cutting edge of the newest methods of construction intended to improve efficiency, performance and reduce construction waste.

Construction of Buildings Foundation[edit]

There are several foundation types we are using in constructions such as pile foundation, raft foundation, pad foundation, combined footing, rubble foundation and spread footing. The selection of foundation type depends on the soil condition and the load about to apply on it. We commonly use pile foundations where apply heavy load such as several stories building. For normal houses we use rubble works with pad foundation type. A column foundations we use spread footing type.

Wood Construction[edit]

  • Timber framing
  • wood furniture restoration
  • Wood Coating
  • wood Layering

Building Systems[edit]

Most of the construction systems become from the material that can be obtained in the job areas.

When these resources were exhausted, new industrialized materials was brought in and also to permit bigger and heavier construction.

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