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Pottery projects for adults

Our Pottery & Ceramics Studio is a great place to host your next private party or workshop. All of the project ideas below are made from " REAL CLAY" that comes out of the earth. You and your guests will learn all about the art of ceramics from start to finish which includes learning about specific techniques, forms and surface techniques for finishing and glazing with colors. If you don't see an idea that you are looking for we can usually customize a project for your group. CLAY Projects are usually ready for pick up in about 3 weeks after your event however we will give you a call when your groups project is ready!


Utensils, Plates, Cups, & Napkins are provided
ARRIVAL TIME can be as early as 15 minutes before your party starts


$150.00 Deposit Required PAY DEPOSIT NOW

(2) Once you see your party time and date as available click PAY DEPOSIT NOW, or call us to reserve by phone. Once you click PAY DEPOSIT NOW you will be checking out through our secure shopping cart. Please type the time and date of your party in the "additional comments" section.

(3) Once we receive your reservation we will confirm the party date and time with you BEFORE authorizing your credit card. If you don't know what your party theme is do not worry! Take your time deciding we usually just need to know 3 days in advance.
(4) Please call or email us with any questions!



Showers, Meetings,

Girls Night Out, Professional Development

occasions are endless...


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