12cm Ceramic bowl, handmade

Ceramic bowls Handmade

Ceramic Bowls

Our beautifully handcrafted pottery bowls are individually made to give you years of superior service, and are available in all of our lovely handpainted designs.

Whether you use our ceramic bowls for hot soups, your morning cereal, apple pie with ice cream, or a serving of chips or crackers, you can count on the quality of these handmade pieces to give you an honest, sturdy bowl for all of your needs. Keep several of our ceramic bowls handy in the kitchen for use both while cooking and for serving! These handcrafted bowls are so versatile, you'll find yourself discovering new uses for them every day.

The potters here at Emerson Creek Pottery are proud to bring you this selection of our ceramic bowls as part of our handmade dinnerware collection. Each of our bowls are made in the USA here in Bedford, VA and are safe to use in the oven, microwave and dishwasher. Crafted from non-toxic, lead-free clay from the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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