Belize-0899B - Ceramic Vessel

Pottery bowl Designs

WHERE: Pottery Barn, Burlington Town Center, 49 Church St, Burlington, VT 05401

Every year, starting the Monday after Thanksgiving, 50-plus COTS volunteers a night go “dialing-for-dollars” to raise money for COTS shelters and services. Working seven weekday evenings, these intrepid volunteers call 6, 000 COTS donors from 6 to 9 p.m. and raise more than $190, 000 for COTS.

We need 30-plus callers each night, plus 20 volunteers to stuff envelopes, and 4-5 volunteers to help with other aspects of the project. In return, we’ll supply you with plenty of food and beverages — and you’ll leave with that wonderful warm, fuzzy feeling you get from doing such an important good deed!

This is not cold calling. Every person called has supported COTS in the past – so even if they don’t want to donate this year, callers thank them for their past help. After the calls are made, we send follow-up letters to donors, with more information and a envelope for their gift.

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