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Adults using the studio (Monthly Members and Open Studio Drop-In) are required to maintain a Materials Account with a positive balance of clay credit. (KILN RENTAL explained at bottom of page. KIDS’ FIRING FEES are explained under Kid’s Open Studio.) We offer Monthly Members rates and an Open Studio Drop-In rate for Materials Account Credits which are explained below with prices.

How it Works:

You may use clay from our communal bin or from your own supply (clay purchased elsewhere) to make pottery or sculpture. When you are finished making, you decide which objects you would like to keep. Rejected work is recycled in the reclaim bucket to be re-processed by MCP staff into usable clay. Your “keepers” are taken to the greenware shelving where they await the first (bisque) firing. When placing dry work on the greenware shelving, you will first weigh each object using our digital scale. The weight is recorded, along with your name and the date, on a small slip of paper (color-coded for your specific Materials Account type) and placed in, on, or around each of your bone-dry clay objects. During the kiln loading process, MCP staff collect tickets from all work that enters the kiln. No ticket = no firing. These tickets are later tallied and deducted from each person’s Materials Account. Sounds complex we know, but we promise it’s easy!

Going into the first kiln firing is the only time work needs to be ticketed and the Materials Account has been set up to include the bisque firing, application of in-house surface treatments (terra sigillata, slip, and glaze), and glaze firing. This system is unique in its approach and has been carefully designed to be generous to newcomers and to promote skill development – YOU ONLY PAY FOR FINISHED WORK!


Monthly Members Materials Account:

Option 1-Studio Clay

In this option a Monthly Member agrees to use MCP’s STUDIO CLAY, which is primarily DSM ^6 clay with a sprinkling of other ^6 clays mixed in (porcelains, buff ochre, B-mix, and chocolate brown). This clay fits well with our in-house glazes and generally fires to a warm grey/beige color where there is no glaze. The color and shrinkage of this fired ceramic is subject to variation with the mixture of clay in the reclaim bucket. MCP’s Studio Clay is kept in plentiful supply in a central location within the studio. Clay projects will be weighed and labeled with a pink ticket prior to the bisque firing.

This option is great for beginner – advanced studio users.

MCP’s Studio Clay credits are sold in 10 lb. increments at $2.80/lb.
(ie: 10 lbs. = $28, 20 lbs. = $56)

Option 2-Outside Clay

In this option, You are responsible for purchasing your own ^6 clay. This clay MUST be approved by MCP staff before use and in some cases, you may be responsible for making a series of “test tiles” to ensure compatibility with glazes. This clay is kept on or near your shelf (if a Monthly Member) or at your home/studio (if you are a Drop-In visitor). Generally, you may recycle this clay into MCP’s reclaim if you so choose . Clay projects will be weighed and labeled with a yellow ticket prior to the bisque firing.

This option is reserved for intermediate – advanced studio users.

Personal Clay credits are sold in 10 lb. or 25 lb. increments at $2.30/lb. (10lbs.=$23, 25lbs.=$57.50)

Open Studio Drop-In Materials Account:

In this option, Open Studio Drop-In customers (this replaces the Punchcard program) open a materials account by purchasing clay credits in 10 lb. increments. The Clay Credit price for Open Studio Drop-In customers is a flat rate regardless of whether you are using Studio Clay or Outside Clay (Outside Clay still needs to be pre-approved by MCP staff). The Materials Account MUST be used if you will be using ANY of MCP’s materials (clay or glaze). In circumstances where ONLY firing is required, Kiln Rental may be purchased (described below). Clay projects will be weighed and labeled with a green ticket prior to the bisque firing.

Drop-In Clay credits are sold in 10 lb. increments at $3.30/lb. (10lbs.=$33, 20lbs.=$66.00)

*Positive balances must be maintained in materials accounts at all times to ensure continued firing of work.

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