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The European Ceramic Work Centre is an international workplace where artists, designers and architects explore the technical and artistic possibilities of ceramics. The ekwc operates as an artist-in-residence centre and as a centre of excellence. Its aim is to promote the development of ceramic art, design and architecture.

Artist-in-residence centre
Sundaymorning@ ekwc annually welcomes around 45 artists, designers, architects and other creative professionals for a continuous or phased period of three months. Sundaymorning@ ekwc offers studios, workplaces, living space, the most advanced equipment and the support of its experienced staff.

Participants are visual artists, designers and architects, over 75% of whom have not worked with ceramics before. They come from all over the world, their ages range between 25 and 65 years.

Types of residencies
Sundaymorning@ ekwc offers two distinct types of residencies: individual residencies and project residencies. The individual residencies are generally more focused on research and development while the project residencies are usually granted for production of a specific work for an exhibition, a commission etc. Please consult the guidelines to see which residency suits you best.


The center organizes 4 times a year a Test Case in which works of participants can be shown in open studio's.

Accommodation Information

Rooms in seperate apartment building are offered to the residents.

Technical Information

Apart form advanced technical equipment like the kilns and the CAD/CAM machinery, participants benefit from spacious studios, a well supplied library, individual apartments and a large shared kitchen and dining space.


The EKWC is located in a former leather factory and lies in 5 minutes walking distanc of the trainstation of Oisterwijk, a lovely green village in the province of Brabant and six minutes by train from the city of Tilburg and 20 minutes from Eindhoven. The EKWC covers an area of 5000 sq/m which comprises a work place with technical facilities and independent studios, guestrooms and offices.

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