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Ceramics studio NYC

Sculpture Space NYC is a ceramics and sculpture center designed to foster creativity, concept and collaboration. SSNYC offers the space, equipment and advanced education to allow artists to explore and expand their body of work. In addition, SSNYC offers a range of classes, lectures, workshops, artist residencies and an ongoing curatorial exhibition program.

The Sculpture Space NYC- Artist Residency program is directed to emerging local, national and international artists. It's aim is to create a rich and diverse dialogue in this studio.

Our facility offers 4, 500 square feet of individual and shared workspaces, 22’ high ceilings, natural light, potters wheels, a slab roller, clay extruder, two top loading electric kilns and a 51 inch tall front loading thermal logic electric kiln, glaze chemistry room, and spray booth.

Sculpture Space NYC also offers the following services: prototype development, commissions, casting, mold making, and firing.

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