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Seattle, WA 98134

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i ordered T-Shirts from Pork Chop because a friend of mine in Seattle highly recommended them and now I see why. I was able to get exactly what I wanted for my company event and everything was shipped right on time! Thanks Pork Chop! :)

So happy with Pork Chop Screen Printing. I ordered 300 koozies on rush for a friends memorial service. They were so accommodating and wonderful to work with and the Koozies brought a smile to peoples face on a very sad day. Thank you for all of your hard work. Next time I have a project, I'm calling Pork Chop first.

Great customer service, vast selection of garments, fast turnaround, and all at a great price. Pork Chop are the only printers I use for our shirts. Mary and the entire staff are WONDERFUL.

I've been using PC for many, many years for all or my various bands shirt and hoodie needs. Mary and the PC staff are some of the most down to earth and professional screen printers I've found in the NW, hands down. Good pricing, quick turnaround, good design team and excellent communication and they fix their own mistakes without question or fuss. AND, the house pitbull, Gusto, LOVES to be pet and to play. It really doesn't get any better than that. Customer for life!

Amazing and consistent with orders, quality & communication. Not to mention they are all super cool and real people to work with. My husband runs all his promo business hoodies and t's through Pork Chop, we are customers for life. Thank you!

GREAT shop! The customer service (Mary) was outstanding. Mary was helpful in helping us pick out the t-shirt that would work best for us (they have a great selection for you to choose from), was easy to get a hold of via email and phone, and accommodated our timeline EASILY. She suggested and delivered us an emailed photo proof of the design before going ahead with the print run, which was so fantastic. In the end, the product -quality, print work, and price- exceeded our expectations. We will not only use them again, but recommend them with confidence! Coming from one print professional to another, that's saying a lot! YEY PORK CHOP!

I shopped around for quite awhile to find the right price and turnaround time to get some custom tote bags for my sister's wedding, and Pork Chop came out as the clear winner. There was the added bonus of great customer service and results as well. We had a little trouble finding it, it's tucked away and I think the big doors were closed because it was late at night but we found it eventually. The price was better than everywhere else I called and they were really accommodating and helpful. Mary was awesome to work with and everyone was really happy and impressed with the results. I'll definitely go back for future jobs.

I needed a rush print job for a work emergency. Despite Pork Chop having a full calendar, the team squeezed me in and delivered by working on a Saturday (a rare Sunny and warm Seattle Saturday) to fulfill my order (yep- a one day turnaround time). Great pricing + awesome customer service- every customer's dream. Mary, James, Shorty and Brian- thank you for doing me a solid!

Buyer beware - we sent a order for hoodies and t-shirts. We shipped them a picture of our logo and a picture of a hoodie for an example. They reversed all the colors, completely messing up the order. We did not get the gear on time for our promotion. Now, they did replace the order 100% after being contacted. This was obviously a costly error on their part. However, they charged us $150 for a 24lb box in shipping. There are much cheaper ways to ship things. When we emailed them asking about the shipping cost we were told they billed us the estimate but since there were all these "issues and related costs" they did not did not see the need to break down the specifics of the invoice. They continued in the email to tell us that we "need you to know.we went easy/simple on ya'all because we wanted to get it done" and that our order was 'difficult'. I've never been a customer and had a vendor try to make me feel bad for their own mistakes, interesting way to do business none the less.

I've been going through Pork Chop for about 8 years now. Best quality prints in Seattle, amazing customer service, and they will go above and beyond for whatever you need. I couldn't recommend them enough! Everything about my experiences there is great, and they treat me like family.

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