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Bennington Potters North

Downtown Bennington has much to offer in the way of shops and services. We have put together a small tour which will take you through part of downtown, and to some side streets with a wealth of information and history. downtownmap

From Route 7 head west on Main St. until you come to Benmont Ave The church is on the right hand side of the road. Turn right on Benmont Ave. after the church. Make an immediate right into the church’s back parking lot. Parking is Available Here.
Head east on Main St. until Four Corners intersection of U.S. Route 7 (South St.) and Vermont Route 9 (Main St.). The Putnam Hotel will be on the southwest corner (on your right).
From the Putnam Hotel, head south on U.S. Route 7 (South St.). The Bennington County Courthouse is approximately 250ft south of the Putnam Hotel on the right side of the road.
On South Street, next door to the Bennington County Courthouse is the Old Blacksmith’s Shop.
Cross the street from Old Blacksmith’s shop and make a left (facing north). The Bennington Police station is on the right.
Keep heading North on U.S. Route 7 (South St.) past VT Route 9 (Main St. �� Four Corners) Continue north for approximately 1500 feet, the Old Stone Mill is on the East (right) side of U.S. Route 7 (North St.) after the Bank of Bennington. Bordering the Mill is Bennington’s River Walkway. At this entrance to the walkway there is a sign with some history regarding the water-powered industry and history in Bennington.
Continue North on U.S. Route 7 (North St.) Earl’s Service Station is at the corner of U.S. Route 7 (North St.) and County St.
Head East (right) on County St. approximately 750 feet and cross County St. (to the North side.) The Bennington Potters campus of buildings hold the historic pottery manufacturing facilities as well as a showcase of work and gift shop.
From Bennington Potters, return west on County St. At the intersection of County and U.S. Route 7 (North St.) turn right (North) and follow Route 7 around the corner after about 750ft The Blue Benn Diner is on the left. (Continue a bit further out Route 7 for the Veteran’s Home Deer Park! A nice treat for the kids.)
From the Blue Benn Diner, continue west on Route 7 about 250ft to Depot St. Head South (left) on Depot St. and walk one block to County St. Turn right on to County...

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