How To Make A Pinch Pot

Easy clay sculptures for kids

pottery_for_kidsPottery Making enhances creativity, spatial intelligence and fine-motor skills development among children. It allows children to explore clay as a material. Children of all ages enjoy squishing, squelching, pinching, rolling, poking, stretching and pounding the clay. Some children find this particularly soothing and it can be useful for releasing tension or frustration.Clay making is a fun way to introduce 3-dimensional art to children of all ages.

Clay is soft and malleable hence easy to mould and shape into sculptures and functional ware. Clay is a strong expressive medium and is ideal for enhancing children’s development and holistic learning. Clay making is fun and encourages creative movement in children. Working with clay improves dexterity and uses both small and large muscles. Little fingers and hands are strengthened whilst working with clay due to its firm nature and the larger muscles of the arms, back and shoulders are strengthened when rolling slabs or coiling clay. Through clay making, children are able to harness their ability to create.

Clay Cove aspires to be the catalyst of creativity to each child by breaking the paradigm of pottery making. Clay Cove’s pottery making curriculum is unique as it focuses on creativity-development and learning outcomes. The curriculum helps to harness the children’s creativity, promote their thinking skills and enhance socio-emotional development.

Pottery making is a wonderful activity for children as it:-

  • Enhances their creativity & spatial intelligence
  • Nurtures their ability to create
  • Improves their fine-motor skills
  • Encourages out-of-the-box thinking
  • Enables them to develop focus, concentration and perseverance
  • Develops their 3-D visualization ability.
  • Increases their confidence in realizing their ability to create clay sculptures and functional wares!
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