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Cool Tools Texture Tiles are the perfect tool for creating beautiful pieces of jewelry. In this project, learn to make the Crimson Eclipse Pendant, using PMC3, a Texture Tile, and a few other tools and simple techniques.

Copper Layered Necklace - Skill Level: Beginner

Make an elegant necklace using copper and silver clay. This project also shows using Accent Silver to embellish the copper. This project can be made with any clay or combination of clays.

Large Cylinder Bead Caps - Skill Level: Intermediate

Valerie Bealle, Metal Clay Artist and Instructor from Long Island, New York visited the Cool Tools studio to demonstrate how to create cylinder bead caps and end caps using PMC Flex.

Huggy Chicken Pin or Pendant - Skill Level: Intermediate

Watch how easy it is to make a hinge, or use jump rings to attach your wings.

Affirmation Bracelet - Skill Level: Intermediate

Create an elegant metal clay link bracelet using the AlphaDisc Lettering System and Jewelry Shape Templates. The links feature integrated findings that are connected with jump rings. Each link is embellished with 3 sweet flower buds for a clean, sophisticated look. Create an entire collection using this idea with variations on embellishments and shapes.

Royal Treatment Pendant - Skill Level: Intermediate

Designed by Lisa Barth, the Royal Treatment Pendant features a bezel set faceted stone with sterling gallery wire and fine silver clay. Easily modified for any type of metal clay.

North Star Pendant - Skill Level: Intermediate

Putting a gemstone as the centerpiece of your jewelry creations, can add sparkle and cachet to your projects. Creating a custom setting for that gemstone, can help add your own personal signature to the piece. In this project video, learn to make the North Star Pendant, featuring a custom setting made of PMC3.

Syringe Pendant - Skill Level: Intermediate

Syringe can be used for many things when designing with metal clay. The syringe is the perfect tool for creating ornate and delicate jewelry. In this project video, learn to make a 3-layer PMC Syringe pendant with a few simple tips and techniques.

Drop Grid Pendant - Skill Level: Intermediate

This elegant project employs simple metal clay forming and construction techniques in wet and dry clay. Any of the design elements can be altered for endless variations. The finished pendant as shown weighs 8.4 grams in fine silver. Can be made with any kind of metal clay.

Custom Prong Setting - Skill Level: Intermediate

Freeform natural gemstones are a popular choice when making jewelry because they offer their own unique shapes, patterns and colors. A great way to display these gemstones is with beautiful custom prongs. In this project video, learn to create custom prongs to set your own one-of-a-kind natural gemstone.

Hearts & Bones Pendant - Skill Level: Intermediate

This project will teach you to combine wet and dry components, build custom connectors and some basic wire forming. The finished pendant weighs 13.2 grams. Can be made with any kind of metal clay.

Wing Print Earrings - Skill Level: Intermediate

In this workshop, learn how to create a quick pair of BRONZclay drop earrings using a portion of a texture for interest, and then embellish the earrings with Accent Silver and add a beautiful heat patina. Can be made with any kind of metal clay.

Emerald Tea Ring - Skill Level: Advanced

In this workshop, learn how to create a delicate ring using only 3 grams of PMC PRO silver alloy clay, the Emerald Tea Ring is low cost and as durable as sterling silver. Create fine jewelry using PMC PRO that stands up to daily wear.

Wild Roses Necklace - Skill Level: Advanced
Scratch foam board

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