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Any dinner guest can confirm this to be true: The table creates the atmosphere. The food might be the heart and soul of a dining engagement, but without the right table settings, the entire event will be off. Table settings are a craft in and of themselves. The type of event, the significance and the number of guests you are serving all define the appropriate table settings. Understanding the intricacies of this process is a really big deal in the entertainment business, even if we are just talking about a family dinner.

When it comes to hosting a dinner party, the right dinnerware means everything. The plates on the table do a whole lot more than simply allow you to serve food. They showcase your personality, your level of creativity and your care about the guests you are receiving. Putting together a strong table setting comes down to a few basic elements: the right dinnerware and a couple of creative ideas to get you started.

The Essential Equipment

To set the table you need dishes, and not just any old dish will do. When you are sitting home alone, ready for a night of watching TV as you eat, a plastic plate might do just fine. But when the in-laws come by or you agree to host your boss and her husband for dinner, you are going to have to be ready for something with a bit more class.

Matching flatware, coordinating glasses and plates, salad plates and dessert plates as needed — these are the very basics of table setting. Remember, coordination is just as important as having the materials. If all of your forks are different or if your plates don’t match, it is going to disturb the entire appearance of your table. Keep a set of classy dishes around for just such an occasion.

Once you have the materials, get ready to put them in the right place. Use a tablecloth to create a warm atmosphere and to present a clean and distinguished table. Set plates in a single stack in front of every chair. Make sure that the table settings are not too close to one another. There should be at least 10 inches between every guest to allow for ample elbow room.

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