Embossed Coffee Mugs

It wasn't very long ago we would have been calling this a Ms. Marvel mug. Or Warbird, or even Binary. Heck, this could have been an Air Force Colonel Carol Danvers mug. Carol has held many titles in her long heroic career, and while all of them deserve to hold your favorite hot liquids, we're excited that this mug celebrates her latest mantle: Captain Marvel.

We admit, we've been a little obsessed with Jamie McKelvie’s stylish and practical redesign of the good Captain’s costume since it was introduced in 2012. Those primary colors. That classic cut. The fauxhawk. It’s a good look on Carol; it’s a great look on your morning cup o' joe. Except the fauxhawk, that would just be weird. Or... awesome? All we know is that Carol can fly safely to the sun and back in this outfit, so surely it can keep your coffee warm!

Product Specifications

  • Officially-licensed Marvel merchandise
  • Captain Marvel logo on one side
  • 360° embossed red, yellow and blue costume design
  • Perfect for aspiring Carol Corps members
  • Capacity: 16 oz.
  • Materials: Ceramic
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash only. Do not microwave.
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